Lab Steamer

Introducing Confident’s Dental Steam Cleaner, a powerful and efficient manufacturing equipment designed for precise and thorough cleaning of dental instruments and equipment. Its advanced steam technology ensures optimal hygiene, making it an essential addition to any dental practice or laboratory.


Elevate your dental hygiene with our dental steam cleaner for efficient and safe instrument sterilization.

International Safety Standards

Steam generator built in compliance with global safety regulations.

Easy-to-operate Steam Cleaner

A simple dental steam cleaner featuring a safety valve, high-volume water holding tank.

Flexible Cleaning Tool

Equipped with a handy gun and a flexible hose for versatile cleaning.

Convenient Foot Control

Easy and hands-free operation with a foot control feature.

Technical Specifications


A constant pressure of 3-4 bar for effective cleaning

Safety Regulations

Steam generator built to comply with global international regulations.

Model Number

Labo 18

Steam Cleaner System

Easy and high volume water holding tank with water level indicator