IV Stand

IV Stand CME-59 is a sturdy and versatile solution designed to provide reliable support for IV fluid bottles in medical settings.


Our IV Stand offers durability, adjustability, and compatibility with standard IV fluid bottles, making it an essential tool in healthcare.

Durable Construction

Constructed with mild steel epoxy powder-coated column and stainless steel IV rod, this IV stand offers durability and longevity

Adjustable Height Hook

The stand's adjustable height hook, ranging from 162mm to 2570mm from the floor, providing flexibility and optimal positioning


Compatible with all standard IV fluid bottles, the stainless steel IV rod with a hook ensures versatility and ease of use

Hygienic Design

Constructed with SS 304 grade materials, this IV stand prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness

Technical Specifications



Length from the ground

54 inch

Diameter of MS pipe

1.25 inch, 18 gauges

Stainless steel IV rod specification
  • 0.5 inch dia with hook made of 10 mm dia with tapering end
  • Length of hook-18 inch
  • Height of hook from base i.e. from floor – 162-2570mm