Surgic Pro 2

Surgic Pro 2

Experience the evolution of precision with Surgic Pro 2, the enhanced version of the internationally acclaimed surgical micromotor system. Dependable and reliable, this system ensures optimal performance for professionals in diverse medical settings.


Offering superior visibility, safety, and wireless extensibility, Surgic Pro 2 sets a new standard in surgical efficiency and operator comfort.

Enhanced Visibility and Operability

Large color LCD panel ensures smooth operation and superior visibility.

Advanced Safety Measures

NSK's Drive for Accuracy ensures safe treatment through precise torque correction.

Improved Operability

Compact motor design reduces strain for effortless operation.

Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump

Integrated pump ensures consistent and quiet irrigation flow.

Technical Specifications

Length :

24.9% DOWN

Weight :

9.1% DOWN

Control Unit with AHC
Power Supply :

AC100-240V 50/60 Hz

Max. Pump Output :

75 mL/min

Programs :

8 Programs / Implant Systems

Dimensions :

W 245 × D 235 × H 90 mm

Torque :

5-80 Ncm

Motor Speed :

200-40,000 min-1

Light Power :

Over 32,000 LUX
(Optic Micromotor)