Surgic AP2

Elevate your surgical precision with Surgic AP2, NSK’s cutting-edge micromotor system, engineered to reduce strain and enhance efficiency in every procedure.


Experience precision and simplicity like never before with Surgic AP2, NSK's advanced surgical micromotor system.

Enhanced Visibility and Operability

A large color LCD panel ensures superb visibility, with intuitive icons for smooth operation.

Compact and Powerful

The motor's reduced size and minimized handpiece head make procedures easier and more comfortable for practitioners and patients.

Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump

Provides consistent flow with quiet operation, seamlessly integrated into the system's design.

User-Friendly Foot Control

Connected through bluetooth and lightweight design offer freedom of movement and easy adjustment of pedal position.

Technical Specifications

Head Height :

1.9 mm

Motor Length :

22.5 mm

Maximum Torque :