UVC Blast

Experience the revolutionary Steri-Stand UVC Blast, a solution for sterilizing diverse environments like operating theaters, dental clinics, hospital rooms, offices, or homes. With its powerful UV light pathogen-killing capabilities, it eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses, blood, droplets, aerosols, dust, and water droplets, providing a safe and reliable disinfection method. Your safety is our priority. Together, let’s combat viruses with confident Steri-Stand UVC Blast.


Explore exceptional features listed below for unparalleled germ protection and disinfection.

Ergonomic Design

Our steri–stand UVC Blast is designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use.

Easy to Use

Allows precise control over the disinfection process with simple interface and timer functionality.

Safe and Reliable Disinfection

Provides protection against germs and pathogens, ensuring a clean environment.

Low Space Requirement

Enables easy retrofitting in various settings due to its compact design.

Technical Specifications


40 Watts | 70 Watts