Revolving Stool CRS-111

Revolving Stool CRS-111


Stainless Steel Top

Revolving Stool is provided with round and pressed stainless steel top 300mm dia The SS top is welded on MS sheet & frame which is to be further welded on the height adjustment screw.

Up and Down Movement

The up & down movement can be achieved by rotating with hand anticlockwise & clockwise respectively. The height can be adjusted from 14" to 20"

Height Adjustment

The nut for height adjustment is fixed inside the heavy gauge pipe welded on four legs which are made from 25mm dia. MS round pipes. The pipes are bent to hold a 16mm dia round chrome plated ring for foot rest.

Minimize Distrortion

Minimize distortion and for the deep penetration of the weld.


All the steel components pre-treated for de-greasing, de-rusting and phosphating. After proper pre-treatment, the steel components epoxy powder coated and oven Baked at temp. Above 200 deg. C to provide scratch resistance surface coating film thickness 45-50 microns.

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel Top

300 mm Dia


14″ to 20″