Aerosol Suction

Aerosol Suction

Confidental’s Aerosol Suction System is an advanced solution designed for enhanced air quality and infection control, making it the ideal choice for clinics. It is equipped with UV-C irradiation and high-efficiency filtration, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for both doctors and patients.


Confidental's Aerosol Suction system ensures a safe, continuous, and personalized dental environment, with advanced features like high-powered surgical suction units and efficient heat dissipation.

Powerful Suction

Strong suction pump with high flow and vacuum, ensuring long performance life.

Regulated Negative Pressure

Stepless adjusting knob for precise negative pressure control, promoting a safe clinical environment.

Filtration Efficiency

99.9% filtration with double activated carbon and HEPA filters, protecting against harmful substances.

Flexible Control

High-end touch panel with multiple power control levels, offering easy and convenient operation.

Technical Specifications

Voltage :


Power :


Noise :


Pumping rate :


Max Vacuum :


Amount of negative ions (Plasma) :


Amount of positive ions (Plasma) :

(10×10)^6 pcs/cm2

UV Sterilization :

254NM (UV light life approx. 10,000 hrs), 2500 μ Watt/cm2

Plasma disinfection :

5,000V (Plasma generator life approx. 20,000 hrs)

Control Touch Screen :

Control (foot control as optional)

Power Output
Multi Speed Control :

10- 100% power output, with steps

3 Filters :

2nos HEPA + Carbon filter, 1no Primary layer

HEPA Grade :

H13/H14 (0.3um >99.97%)

Dimension :

32 X 33 X 75.5 cm

Net weight :

35kg (Arm’s weight is included.)

Arm Length :

1.3M in length

Timer :

Pre-set by users