X-Radius Compact 2D OPG

X-Radius Compact 2D OPG

The X-Radius Compact OPG 2D is designed to seamlessly integrate into any dental surgery, this state-of-the-art panoramic imaging unit offers a wide range of diagnostic programs in a compact and user-friendly package, ensuring immediate benefits and reliable day-to-day results.


The X-Radius Compact not only fits perfectly into tight spaces but also features an automatic standby function with immediate reactivation, reducing energy consumption while maximizing efficiency.

Advance Technology

Incorporates laser guides and a rigid 4-point head support system for stress-free operation.

Precision Positioning

Achieves precision instantly with lateral temple supports, chin rest, bite, and three laser guides.

Streamlined Image Management

Enables easy data sharing and transfer to third-party systems with an intuitive interface.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Offers 18 programs covering a wide range of diagnostic requirements, including bitewing dentition and maxillary sinuses.

Technical Specifications

2D imaging Type

Adult and child panoramic imager, QuickPAN, MultiPAN, “Bitewing” Dentition, PA and LL maxillary sinuses (Right and left), Temporomandibular Joint (2 x LL +2 x PA) Open and Closed Mouth

Patient Alignment:

3 Laser Guides

Sensor Technology:



PAN standard 15 cm x 28 cm

Image file size:

max 7.5 MB

Image resolution:

5 to 7 Ipmm

Dynamic range:

14 bit (16383 Gray levels)



Exposure time:


X-Ray Generator

Type of generator: Constant potential (DC)

Anode voltage:

60 kV – 85 kV (step 1kV)

Anodic current:

4 mA – 15 mA

Focal spot:

0.5 mm (IEC 60336)

Inherent filtration:

2.5 mm Al eq. (a 85 kV)

Exposure control:

Automatic. MRT
(Morphology Recognition Technology)

Duty cycle:

1:20 at full power operation (85kV, 12mA)

Power Supply

115 – 240 Vac, ± 10% single phase 1 50 / 60 Hz ± 2 Hz

Maximum current temporary peak absorption:

20A at 115V, 12A at 240V

Current consumption in standby mode:

maximum 0.5 A


Automatic voltage and frequency adaptation