Dyna LED

Dyna LED Turbine handpiece, produced by NSK micro precision engineering, represents a significant advancement in dental technology. Designed with a focus on performance and reliability, this handpiece is built to meet the demanding requirements of dental professionals.


High efficiency and long term durability. Durability and longevity are key priorities in the design of the DynaLED Turbine handpiece. NSK has chosen stainless steel as the material for the handpiece, ensuring exceptional durability and stable, long-term function.

Speed Range

Wide rotational speed range of 330,000~430,000 min-1

Compact dimensions

Compact dimensions: Ø12.1 x H13.3 mm for ease of handling

Technical Specifications

Nsk Dyna Led Standard Handpiece:

M500LG / M600LG B2


Mini / Standard Head




330,000~430,000 min-1

Head Size:

Ø12.1 x H13.3 mm

Water Spray:

Quattro Spray

Body Material: