Dental Surgical Microscope - Pro Plus +

Dental Surgical Microscope - Pro Plus +

Dental Surgical Microscope is designed for optimal image quality and comfort during micro-dentistry procedures. Offering a vivid stereoscopic three-dimensional view and perceptive daylight illumination, it ensures successful dental treatments.


5 in 1 Module Integrate 30° extender, beam splitter, rotation ring, 4K camera and iris diaphragm, not only improves the optical performance, but also reduces the weight of external accessories. Internal 4K camera with lower noise, higher sensitivity and resolution. The iris diaphragm is able to control the depth of field.

Single Finger Control

With only one finger, you can reach the magnification knob, multi-function knob and variofocus objective lens with upright sitting position.

Orange filter

Used for material filling, can prevent resin material curing too fast.

White light source

Using the best medical LED light source with high CRI, excellent color restoration and uniformity of lighting spot.

Green filter

Using for observing the small vessels and bleeding points in the blood environment.

Technical Specifications

Zooming Magnificiation

0.4x – 2.4x


12.5x Wide Field Eyepieces, Diopter Adjustable of Eye piece +- 7D


180 degree Tiltable Binocular with PD Adjustment


52 – 75 mm


65 mm – 10 mm

Illumination Intensity

> 70000 lx (F250)


Multi Function Knob and Information Display, Built in LED.