Durr Tyscor VS4 Suction System

Durr Tyscor VS4 Suction System

Durr Tyscor VS4 Suction is a wet line suction system from DURR Dental, delivering exceptional suction power while maintaining a quiet treatment environment, these systems feature standard condensation separators for reliable protection against moisture buildup.


Experience the perfect blend of powerful performance and whisper-quiet operation with DURR Dental's wet suction systems - Tyscor V4.

Energy Saving

Achieve up to 75% energy savings with the Tyscor V4's radial compressor, ensuring cost-effective constant suction.

Network Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate into digital monitoring systems with network connectivity as standard, Tyscor V and Tyscor VS.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy whisper-quiet performance with a housing made of noise-absorbing, foamed plastic, focused on quiet running.


Effortlessly set up and maintain with quick plug-and-play and no need for three-phase AC current.

Technical Specifications

Voltage (V)

230 (1∼)

Frequency (Hz)


Max. electrical output (kW)


Current consumption (A)


Number of operators


Dimensions without housing (H x W x D cm)

54 x 45 x 62

Weight without housing (kg)


Noise level 1 without housing [dB(A)]

Approx. 62