Suction Apparatus - Single Jar

Suction Apparatus - Single Jar

Dryvac-55 oil free suction apparatus single jar is a compact and portable electric suction machine designed for medical applications. With adjustable vacuum control and efficient performance, it ensures reliable suction for pediatric, gynecological, and other medical procedures.


Designed for medical settings, the oil free suction single jar offers precise vacuum control and powerful suction capabilities.

Durable Construction

Crafted with ABS material and a 3.2mm thick aluminum bottom plate.

User-Friendly Operation

Features an on/off switch with an indicator light for convenient operation.

Accurate Vacuum Control

Allows precise adjustment and locking of vacuum pressure, essential for pediatric and gynecological procedures.

Reliable Suction Power

With 180 watts and a vacuum displacement of 25 to 45 liters, ensures consistent and efficient suction performance.

Technical Specifications

Vacuum Pump :

24V DC, BLDC motor is used for

current :


Vacuum gauge :


Weight :

not more than 7.5Kgs

Power :


Vacuum displacement :

25 to 45Ltr