Heron™ IOS Intraoral Scanner

Heron™ IOS Intraoral Scanner

Heron™ IOS is an intraoral color scanner that combines reliable, durable technology with ease of use, offering the best value for your investment.


The HeronTM IOS Intraoral Scanneroffers a compact, lightweight design with open system architecture for seamless integration into modern dental practices.

Durable Workhorse

Lightweight, durable design with pre-calibration for immediate use.

Efficient Workflow

Low learning curve, intuitive software for quick staff training and patient workflows.

Truly Ergonomic Design

Best possible grip and flexibility in daily use

Easy for the Patient

Increased patient comfort Less waiting time Less chair time

Easy for the Lab

Quick, clear communication Support for multiple file formats Work with any open dental CAD system

Easy for You

Up and scanning in a matter of minutes Low learning curve for your staff Meet your restoration needs now, and in the future

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Scanner

Size:L 256 mm, W43mm,H 43 mm
Size: L 306 mm, W 98mm,H 72 mm

Acquisition Method

Active stereo imaging

Color Scanning

24-bit (8-bits per channel)

Power Cord


Tooth Preparation

No powder or spray required

Scanning Principle

Continuously scans and accumulates (stitching) depth and color data

Distance Scanner Tooth


Capture Time

<2 minutes per arch