Chamundi Touch Dental Chair

Chamundi Touch Dental Chair

Chamundi Touch dental chair is an advanced dental chair with touch screen control. Experience cutting-edge dental care with our programmable chair featuring intuitive touch screen controls for enhanced convenience.


The chamundi touch dental chair features a sleek touch screen panel, ergonomic design, and advanced features, prioritizing patient comfort and treatment accuracy.

Floor Mount LED Light

Equipped with LED (" FARO" MAIA) Operating light having On/Off & intensity control by touchless sensor.

Flexible Monitor Mounting Arm

Allows lateral movement, height adjustment, and rotation on the central axis with pneumatic rigid lock.

Automated Spittoon

Moves automatically over the patient body, synchronised with gorgle position key, and returns. also it allows spittoon movement manually also.

Oval-Shaped Bowl

Confident chamundi touch dental chair has detachable and autoclavable spittoon offering enhanced area coverage for easy spitting.

Technical Specifications

Modular Trolley System

Heavy-duty arm with multiple joints and equipped with a pneumatic lock for added stability.

Over the Patient Delivery System
  • Latest locking mechanism ensures stability and easy unlocking by pulling and leaving the arm.
  • locking pin made of diecast metal for durable service
  • All air and water valves are solenoid-operated, with electrically operated 24 VDC valves for long-lasting performance.
Dental Equipment
  • Brushless Optic Micromotor supplied with 1:5 speed increase handpiece, optic light, and internal spray push button type.
  • Features one Airotor point and fiber optic airotor tubing with coupling.
  • Includes a 6-way syringe with light and a 3-way syringe.
  • Equipped with an NSK Fiber Optic scaler with three scaler tips and a high-intensity light cure from BG Light.
Control and Accessories
  • Multifunction foot control for versatile operation.
  • Chair control features a 7-inch touch screen with HDMI, powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor with 8 GB RAM.
  • Tray holder with adjustable movements for convenience.
  • Wet-line suction with a continuous rating of 300 L/minute.
  • Assistant console on a multi-joint arm for easy accessibility.
  • Handpiece flushing with disinfectant solution, allowing simultaneous flushing of all handpieces.
  • Separate switch for cleaning with disinfectant and clean water bottle.