Dental Surgical Microscope S-I-IV

Dental Surgical Microscope S-I-IV

Dental Surgical Microscope is designed for optimal image quality and comfort during micro-dentistry procedures. Offering a vivid stereoscopic three-dimensional view and perceptive daylight illumination, it ensures successful dental treatments.


Unlock unparalleled clarity and precision with our portable surgical microscope for clinics. Its advanced optics deliver perfect image quality, while ergonomic design enhances comfort for dentists.

Multiple Filter Modes

Switch between orange, white, and green filters for diverse dental procedures, enhancing precision and visibility.

Superb Balance Arm

Equipped with dual-joint balance adjustment, offering smooth and ergonomic extension for precise procedure control.

Cutting-edge Optics

Apochromatic optical lens(APO) eliminates color difference, enhances articulation index, and increases depth of field.

Variofocus Objective

Variable working distances from 200mm to 500mm provide flexibility for different procedures and preferences.

Technical Specifications

5 Step Magnification


Diopter Adjustable of Eyepiece

±6D IPD, IPD 50-75mm

Objective Lens

200mm – 380mm

Illumination Intensity

>70000Ix (F250)

Mounting system-Digital Camera Adaptor

Optional: Sony, Canon or Nikon

  • 30° Binocular Extender
  • 5 in 1 Module: Binocular Extender & Beam Splitter & Rotation Ring

Floor Mount
Ceiling Mount
Wall Mount
Chair mount