Dental Operating Surgi Stool

Dental Operating Surgi Stool

Elevate your dental experience with unparalleled comfort and versatility in your dental practice with Confidental’s Surgi stool. With a wide base for support and a pneumatic piston for height adjustments, it is the trusted choice for creating a stress-free and personalized dental workspace.


Confidental's Surgi stool is designed for dentists, offering comfort and precision. It guarantees stability, convenient height adjustments, and superior cushioning, creating an environment where precision meets relaxation.

Wide and stable base

Surgi stool boasts a perfectly balanced wide base, providing dentists with stability during dental procedures.

Flexible Height Adjustments

Easily tailor the surgi stool to individual preferences with a pneumatic piston, offering easy customization.

Versatile and supportive seating

The dental stool is mounted on 5 castors, allowing dentists to move freely in all directions for optimal accessibility.

Comfortable Design

Experience superior comfort with a molded polyurethane cushion seat and a fiberglass backrest with sponge molding.

Technical Specifications

Maximum height :


Minimum height :


Castors :