Laser Pin Setter

Laser Pin Setter

Enhance your laboratory with Confident’s advanced dental lab equipment Laser Pin Setter. The Laser Pinsetter designed for efficient and ergonomic pin drilling in dental labs.


Amplify precision with our dental laser pinsetter, utilizing cutting-edge laser technology for efficient and easy die pin placement.

Efficient and Ergonomic Design

Ensuring the most efficient and ergonomic approach to pin drilling for seamless die pin placement.

Advanced Laser Technology

State of the art laser light technology, seamlessly integrated for precise and easy-to-use pinsetting.

Smooth Drilling with Carbide Burr

Effective and smooth drilling with the carbide burr, ensuring precision in every dental procedure.

User-Friendly Design

Our dental Laser pinsetter's easy-to-use design, making it accessible for dental professionals seeking a hassle-free approach to pin drilling.

Technical Specifications

High-Speed Performance

15,000 RPM, ensuring efficient and swift dental procedures

Laser Light Beam Alignment

The versatile and user-friendly design ensures precision, allowing use in both upright and angled positions

Ergonomic design

Allows for convenient operation in standing or seated positions with adjustable drilling depths, providing a fast and efficient experience

Model number

Labo – 11