Atomized Pendant

Atomized Pendant

Atomized Pendant – AAP-073 is an innovative solution for advanced space management in clinical environments. This custom-designed pendant caters to the specific needs of hospitals, architects, and clinicians alike.


Our atomized pendant combines advanced space management with durable materials , and industrial designs provide outstanding usability at a competitive price point, offering value without compromise.

Advance Design

The pendant and arm, crafted from high-strength aluminum, undergo anti-rust treatments for enhanced longevity.

Safety Assurance

Rigorous torsion and load testing ensure optimum safety standards, offering peace of mind in clinical settings.

Precision Positioning

High-quality axletrees enable accurate positioning and orientation in all three dimensions, optimizing functionality.

Laminar Flow Compatibility

Streamlined designs meet laminar flow requirements, promoting efficient airflow in hospital environments.

Technical Specifications

Arm :


Arm Length :


Vertical Pillar Arm Length :

1000rnm (Optional)

Arm Rotating Angle :


Maximum Load capacity :

100 Kgs

Electrical Power :

~220V, 50Hz

Electrical Sockets 3 pin 15 A :

4 No