Gynaecological Chair 4 Motor

Gynaecological Chair 4 Motor

Gynaecological chair (GYN04-052) is designed for comfort and precision in women’s healthcare. With ergonomic design, adjustable positions, and advanced features, this chair ensures patient comfort and facilitates efficient gynaecological examinations.


The gynaecological chair is a carefully curated chair that transcends traditional boundaries, offering comfort with its advanced features for examinations, setting a new standard in healthcare.

Smart Control System

Microcontroller-based chair control system

Versatile Positioning

4 Actuators to set chair positions (independently operating)

Programming Mode

4 Modes, Including Zero(Z), P1,P2, P3 Programs

LED Light

Sensor-Based LED Examination Light

Technical Specifications

Min. Height :

690 mm

Max. Height :

940 mm

Max. Seatrest Angle :

Upto 15°

Trendelenburg :


Reverse Trendelenburg :

Upto -20°

Foot rest Adjustment :

Upto 55°

Backrest up :

Upto 50°

Overall Length :

2050 mm

Overall width :


Power Supply :

230V AC 50Hz, 200W

Technical Dimensions of LED Light
Diameter of Dome :


Action Radius :


Height Adjustment :

800mm ±5%

No of LED's :

11 No’s

Pillar Height :


Diameter of Stand :


Reflector :


Possible Movements :

Angular, Radial & Axial

Light Intensity at 1 Mtr :

50,000 Lux ±5% (80cm)

Variable Light Intensity :

High/Low By Inc/Dec Switch

Temperature Increase in Light field (W.R.T Ambient Temp) :

3°C to 4° C