Dental Operating Euro Stool

Dental Operating Euro Stool

Confidental’s Euro Stool is an epitome of durability and aesthetics. The euro-moulded backrest ensures a longer lifespan, while the electro-plated mild steel base provides exceptional strength. The stool’s remarkable finishing and balance make it an ideal choice for a reliable and enduring addition to your clinic.


Confidental's Euro Stool, meticulously designed for dental professionals, offers unparalleled comfort and durability. With a euro-moulded backrest and a robust base, it combines superior finishing and strength.

Euro-Moulded Backrest

Ensures longevity and superior support, enhancing your working comfort.

Steel-Plated Base

Electro-plated mild steel for exceptional strength, providing a stable foundation.

Outstanding Finishing

Displays quality craftsmanship, adding an aesthetic touch to your workspace.

Well-Balanced Design

Combines strength with ergonomic comfort, ensuring a seamless working experience.

Technical Specifications

Max Height


Min height