B - Class Autoclave

B - Class Autoclave

B – Class Autoclave is an intelligent sterilizer that sets new standards in dental instrument sterilization. Experience cutting-edge technology with features such as vacuum pump, a built-in printer for disinfection data, an over-current circuit breaker for automatic tripping in unstable currents, and an innovative steam generator for safe and reliable steam production. This dental clinic autoclave ensures not only efficiency but also safety, ensuring top-rated sterilization solutions for dentistry.


Discover the unparalleled features that make the Class B autoclave the best dental autoclave for clinics in India. This dental sterilizer machine is efficient, intelligent, and built for precision, setting a benchmark in dental sterilization equipment.

Bacterial Filter

Incorporating an imported bacterial filter, our dental autoclave prioritizes efficient air filtration, thereby extending maintenance intervals.

LCD Display

Supporting 15 languages, with power-off and fault prompts, automatic atmospheric pressure adjustment, history query, etc.

German Ebro Temperature Detector

Detects precise temperature control within +/-1°C, meeting the international European Union B class standard for thorough and dry sterilization.

Efficient Vacuum Pump

Achieve -90KPA limit vacuum and 90°C temperature resistance. Optionally, select Japan imported mute vacuum pump for light sound, stable and quick efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Ambient temperature range

+5°C ~ +40°C

Relative humidity range


Atmospheric pressure



Distilled water/Purified water