Castellini RXDC X-Ray

Castellini RXDC X-Ray

The Castellini RXDC X-Ray Unit boosts diagnostic capacity, comfort and patience involvement. It enables high definition X-Ray images, user friendly control and great ergonomics.


Castellini RXDC High Frequency X-Ray Unit has been created with user friendliness, doctor's convenience and patient's comfort in mind.

User Friendly Control

It has user friendly control, making easy to manage

Versatality and Mobility

It's a space saver, thanks to the machine's mobility feature

Ergonomics and Reliability

Reliable HD X-Ray Image quality along with great ergonomics

Collimator Cones

Gives source to skin distance of 30cm

Technical Specifications

External dimensions (mm)


Thickness (mm)


Pixel matrix


Pixel size (um)


Maximum resolution (Ip/mm)


Grey levels depth

14-bit acquisition-16384 maximum grey levels

Scintillator technology

Cst (Cesium lodide) with micro-columnat structure

Direct exposure protection

FOP (Fibre Optics Plate)

Protection rating

IP 67 (Guaranteed against liquid or dust infiltration)

Compatibility with X-ray generators

Any AC or DC technology X-ray generator with KV values in the 60-70kv range and precision control of exposure times


Direct USB to PC

Acquisition software (for PC)

Capture con with TWAIN interface

Image management software (for PC)

RYS (for PC) with DICOM 3.0 interface with free viewer and APP for IPAD