Eco Smart RVG Sensor - Size 1

Eco Smart RVG Sensor - Size 1

Discover the newest sensation in digital dental imaging with confidental Eco Smart RVG Sensor. This innovative sensor combines flexibility, adaptability to oral anatomy, and exceptional durability, providing a reliable solution for dentists.


Confident-Eco Smart RVG Sensor, a leading choice among RVG sensor brands in India, harnesses cutting-edge dental X-ray sensor technology. Offering precise diagnostics and treatment planning, it ensures easy RVG Sensor calibration for optimal image accuracy in dental X-rays.

Durable & Reliable

Robust CNC shell fusion and ultrasonic welding technology brings ultra-lightweight durability and IP68 protection can be immersed in disinfectant liquid to avoid cross infection.

Flexible Adaptability

With rounded edges for patient comfort, this eco smart sensor easily adapts to the anatomy of the oral cavity, ensuring a comfortable experience during procedures.

Ultra-Slim Design (4.4mm)

Ergonomically and optimized design with cut-corners and thinnest sensor of 4.4mm thickness, making sensor placement easier than ever.

Damage Prevention

Designed RVG sensor for dentists to withstand everyday use, proven through tens of thousands of bending experiments, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Technical Specifications


25*36.8*4.4 (Eco H1) – Size 1





Pixel Matrix

1000*1500 (Eco H1)

Theoretical Resolution

25 lp/mm

True Resolution

20 lp/mm

Active Area

20*30 (Eco H1)

AD Coversion (BIT)


Data Interface

USB 2.0