N Class Autoclave

N Class Autoclave

Elevate your dental practice with the Steriline “N Class” Autoclave, a state-of-the-art tabletop front loading autoclave designed for precision sterilization. As one of the leading dental autoclave suppliers in India, steriline ensures reliability and compliance with autoclave validation in dentistry standards.


Experience the assurance of a top-rated dental autoclave with the class N steriline combining affordability, digital precision, and compact design tailored for dental clinics in India. This benchtop autoclave is also a portable dental autoclave, providing flexibility and convenience in various dental settings. Uncover the exceptional features that make the Class N steriline the best dental autoclave in India.

Fully Automatic Micro-controller

Table top autoclave for effortless operation and precise control

Semiconductor Pressure Sensor

Ensures accuracy during sterilization processes for 1.2kg (121°C) / 2.1kg (134°C)

Digital Timer for Wet and Dry Heat

Dry timer starts automatically after the wet cycle is over, resulting in perfect sterilization

Auto Equalizer of Pressure in Chamber

Facilitates easy opening after sterilization with automatic pressure equalization

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage

230V AC

Heater Coil

1.5 kW

Dry Heater with beads


Temperature sensor


Pressure Control

Semi conductor linear sensor

Chamber Size

250Dia x 440mm depth


600mm x 400mm x 400mm



Standard Accessories
  • Trays Aluminium : 3 Nos
  • Tray Stand S.S : 1 No
  • Tray Handle S.S : 1 No
  • Water Collector Jar : 1 No