Castellini X-VS Sensor

Castellini X-VS Sensor

Immerse yourself in the perfect dimension of imaging with the Castellini RVG sensor, featuring X-Visus HD technology. This RVG sensor for dentists is the precious partner for every imaging need, offering direct HD intraoral imaging with high-definition images and a convenient USB connection, real-time diagnostics and a range of versatile features. As one of the leading RVG sensor brands in India, we provide an affordable solution for dental clinics. Experience clarity and precision with our RVG sensor for dental X-rays.


Elevate your practice with the best dental imaging technology, ensuring advanced intraoral radiography equipment and superior diagnostic capabilities.

Latest-gen multilayer HD Sensor

Integrates a high-sensitivity Caesium Iodide Scintillator, Fiber Optic Plate (FOP), and high-resolution CMOS sensor, making it a top dental RVG in India.

Easy communication PC or iPad viewing

Ideal for digital dental imaging solutions, enabling instant viewing to improve patient communication and treatment acceptance.

Extensive Active Area

Prioritizes comfort with an extensive active area, rounded corners, and smooth edges, perfect for wireless RVG for dentistry.

Reliable, Dustproof and Waterproof

The RVG sensor boasts a sturdy, waterproof design with an IP67 certification, ensuring reliability for RVG sensor maintenance.

Technical Specifications

External dimensions (mm)

38.9 x 24.9, 41.9 x 30.4

Thickness (mm)

5.3, 5.7

Pixel matrix

1500 x 1000 , 1700 x 1300

Pixel size (um)


Peak resolution (Ip/mm)


Grey level depth

14 bit – 16384 grey levels

Scintillator technology

CsI (Caesium lodide) with micro-columnar structure

Protection against direct exposure

FOP (Fibre Optic Plate)

Protection rating

IP 67 (Guaranteed against liquid or dust infiltration)

Compatibility with X-ray generators

Any AC or DC technology X-ray generator with kV values in the 60 – 70 kV range and precision control of exposure times