Chair Side Cabinet

Chair Side Cabinet

The chair side cabinet is more than just storage; it’s an essential companion for every dental professional, offering convenience, durability, and a sleek design that complements your modern workspace. Our durable dental storage cabinets are movable on 4 wheels, made up of MDF and a vinyl finish with an elevated SS top. Explore the best dental cabinets for small spaces with innovative designs available for purchase in India, ensuring durable and ergonomic solutions.


Discover the best dental cabinetry for clinics, seamlessly integrating into your practice for functionality and organization in one sleek unit. Invest wisely with a quality dental cabinetry manufacturer offering affordable dental cabinets online and innovative designs.

Durable Drawer Construction

Standard cabinet size featuring 6 durable, made up of MS sheet powder coated with a minimum thickness of 1mm.

Smooth Operation

Seamless operations with a metallic railer, ball-bearing soft-closing, and convenient handles for easy push and pull.

Versatile Storage Inserts

4 inserts of different shapes and sizes, crafted from ABS material, providing dedicated spaces for various instruments.

Single Locking Facility

Ensure the security of your instruments with single-locking facility-equipped drawers, providing a reliable storage solution.

Technical Specifications

Small Drawers

4 Nos, Size:426mm L X 400mmW X 37mm D

Medium Drawers

1 No, Size:426mmL X 400mmW X 40mm D

Big Drawer

1 No, Size:426mmL X 400mmW X 100 mm D

Approximate size

height 30″ width 18″ & Depth 18″