Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Dental Ultrasonic Scaler is a reliable assistant for dentists, ensuring efficient and comfortable scaling procedures. Its detachable handpiece with light ensures durability and precision during procedures. Experience superior dental care with the best dental scaler providing optimal performance and comfort for dentists and patients alike.

Ultra Sonic Scaler with 3 modes General, Perio and Endo


Purchase dental scalers online from Confident and experience professional-grade oral care at your fingertips. Benefits of using dental scalers are listed below;

Automatic Frequency Tracking System

Seamlessly searches for the best working frequency, ensuring precise scaling.

Automatic Degenerative Feedback

Provides constant power output and enhanced comfort during scaling sessions.

Detachable Handpiece with Light

Crafted with durable imported plastic from America, ensuring patient comfort without cracking or deformation.

Auto Water Supply

Facilitates continuous water flow for effective cleaning and comfort during procedures.

Technical Specifications


Clean II LED

Power Input

220-240V- 50Hz/60Hz 150mA

Main Unit Input

24V-50Hz/60Hz 1.3A

Output Power

3W to 20W


28kHz 43kHz

Water Supply Pressure

0.01MPa to 0.5MPa



Preservation conditions

Humidity: 10%-93%

Atmospheric pressure

70kPa to 106kPa


-20°C to +55°C