Focussing Lamp Operating Light

Focussing Lamp Operating Light

Focussing Lamp CME 55A is a versatile LED light solution designed for precise illumination during medical procedures.


Our Focus Lamp features height adjustment, radial and axial movement, and overcharging cut-off with a visual symbol, ensuring optimal safety and flexibility during procedures.

Enhanced Illumination

LED light source with a minimum of 40,000 lux brightness ensures optimal visibility during medical procedures.

Height adjustment

Capability up to 440 allows for flexible positioning to suit different examination/ treatment requirements.

Flexible Positioning

Radial and axial movement of the lamp provides easy adjustment and precise positioning.

Battery Operation

Battery-operated design offers mobility and flexibility, allowing the lamp to be used in various settings.

Technical Specifications

LED Light

Minimum 40,000 lux

Height adjustment


Recharging unit

Input voltage – 220V-240V-AC 50 HZ