Gynaecological Birthing Bed 5 Motor

Gynaecological Birthing Bed 5 Motor

Confidental’s Birthing Bed (GYN5-051) is a state-of-the-art solution, revolutionizing the childbirth experience. With its adjustable features and ergonomic design, it offers flexibility and support, making it one of the top choices for delivery beds in India. It prioritizes comfort, safety, and hygiene, making it a trusted choice for both mothers and healthcare professionals.


Experience childbirth like never before on Confidental's adjustable delivery beds. As one of the best delivery beds for home births, it combines features with safety enhancements, flexible movements, thoughtful design, and multiple advanced features.

Advanced Control System

Microcontroller-based operation for precise and efficient control.

Versatile Movements

Four actuators and one geared motor enable smooth adjustments, including Trendelenburg and zero positions.

LED Light

Sensor-based LED examination light for enhanced visibility during procedures.

Flexible Leg Rests

Comfortable delivery beds with electrically movable leg rests, knee crutches, and telescoping feature for Lithotomy position.

Technical Specifications

Seat Minimum Height :


Seat Maximum Height :


Backrest Up :

up to 60°

Max. Seat rest Angle :

up to 27°

Overall Length :


Overall Width :


Foot rest adjustment :


Trendelenburg :

up to 13°

Rev. Trendelenburg :

up to 13°

Castor Size :

120mm dia

Technical Dimensions of LED Light
Diameter of Dome :


Action Radius :


Height Adjustment :

800mm ± 5%

No of LED’s :

11 No’s

Total Height :


Hinge Length :


Reflector :


Possible Movements :

Angular, Radial & Axial

Light Intensity at 1 Mtr :

50,000 Lux ± 5 % (80cm)

Variable Light Intensity :

High/ Low By Inc/ Dec Switch

Temperature Increase in Light field (W.R.T Ambient Temp) :

3°C to 4°C