ICU Bed with Load Cell

ICU Bed with Load Cell

Our ICU bed with Load Cell (ICU4-042), designed with an ergonomic and elegant layout to enhance patient comfort and caregiver convenience.


Our ICU bed with load cell has multiple electric operations, including raising and lowering of the table, backrest and knee rest raising, and Fowler's, trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions.

Maximum Comfort

Soft U Foam bed with optional 4-inch memory foam layer for tailored support and prevention of bed sores.

Easy Maintenance

Detachable head and footboards, along with high-quality side railers, facilitate effortless cleaning and maintenance.

User-Friendly Controls

Hand switch with 5V DC provides intuitive control over bed movements, allowing caregivers for easy manoeuvrability.

Enhanced Safety

Built-in features such as backrest quick release mechanism and CPR function ensure rapid response in emergencies.

Technical Specifications

Length (bed top flatbed)

1950 mm

Width (ICU bed top)

895 mm

Raising & Lowering

520-810 mm



Trendelenburg / Rev. Trendelenburg


Knee Rest

0 – 50°