Luvis light with Camera

Luvis light with Camera

Luvis light C500 is an advanced dental light with an intraoral camera that enhances infection control and enables remote viewing of surgeries from the reception area, eliminating the need for patients’ attendants to enter the clinic.


Luvis light features a sensor for on/off and intensity control, an internal camera, remote controller, and a detachable main handle.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Achieve superior clarity and natural color reproduction with a high CRI of Ra 95, reducing eye strain.

Wider Focus

Delivers stable Intensity and quality light by ensuring uniform light distribution across the treatment area.

Easy Control

Features dual control options: a conventional controller at the back and sensor-based control at the front.

Selectable Color Temperature

Customize lighting conditions with three temperatures (4,000K/4,500K/5,000K for enhanced comfort.

Technical Specifications

Image Sensor

1 / 2.8” CMOS


30x Optical zoom

Image Point

2.38 M Pixel

Object Distance (Min.)

600~800mm (Tele end)

Video Signal

HD-SDI Coaxial cable