Manual Hydraulic OT Table

Manual Hydraulic OT Table

Explore precision and versatility in surgery with our Manual Hydraulic OT Table—a reliable and versatile surgical solution. Designed for precision and ease of use, this operation table ensures optimal patient positioning for general surgical and certain special procedures.


Experience precision in surgery with Manual Hydraulic OT Table (MHOT-14). Versatile design, smooth movements, and secure locking make it an essential addition to your surgical suite.

Radio-Translucent Table Top

Four-section design for comprehensive X-ray imaging

Patient Reverse Orientation

Interchangeable head and leg sections for flexible use

Full-Length Cassette Tunnel

Facilitates easy X-ray cassette placement for imaging

Smooth and Accurate Positioning

Precision-made Hydraulic system with Single Lever Action Lift

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Adjustments
  • Raising and lowering of the table through Hydro-Mechanical operation
  • Backrest raising and lowering positions
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse trendelenburg positions
  • Lateral tilt left to right
  • Floor locking mechanism (optional)
  • Head Section – moved mechanically, detachable
  • Single leg rest with upward, downward movements
Length (Table top flatbed)


Width (Table top)


Hydraulic Movement (Raising & Lowering)

670-970 mm

Backrest section

+70°, -20°

Trendelenburg/Rev. Trendelenburg


Lateral Tilt (Left/Right)


Headrest section

+35°, -90°

Footrest section

+20°, -90°