Manual ICU Bed

Manual ICU Bed

The Manual ICU Cot – ICUM-046 is a versatile and reliable solution for patient care in intensive care units.


With adjustable height and manually operated functions, this four-section ICU cot ensures optimal comfort and ease of use for both patients and caregivers.

Superior Comfort

Opt for a 4-inch thick U Foam bed, covered with vinyl, or upgrade to 4inch thick memory foam, reducing the risk of bed sores.

Flexible Positioning

Adjust height, backrest, knee rest, and Trendelenberg positions effortlessly using the four screw systems.

Smooth Mobility

Mounted on 5-inch wheels with a diagonal locking system, this cot offers smooth and secure movement.

Load Balancing Mechanism

The backrest operating system features a load balancing mechanism for added safety and stability during adjustments.

Technical Specifications

Length (Buffer to Buffer):

2000 mm

Width (Buffer to Buffer):

900 mm

Length (Top flatbed):

2100 mm

Width (Top flatbed):

800 mm

Height (w/o foam):

520 mm


0 -40°

Fowler's movement: