Mobile OT Light MML-011

Mobile OT Light MML-011

The Mobile OT Light MML-011 is an advanced LED lighting system equipped with 11 LED bulbs, providing optimal illumination and enhanced mobility, ensuring optimal conditions for medical procedures.


The mobile LED light delivers precise illumination with a color rendering index of 90 and multiple other advanced features.

Excellent Mobility

Equipped with four wheels for excellent mobility, allowing smooth up and down movements

Flexible Positioning

Rotates on the central axis and provides lateral movements, ensuring flexibility and precision

Uniform Illumination

LED-based single dome design ensures uniform light spread, enhancing visibility and reducing shadows

Minimal Heat Emission

With an infrared radiation of less than 1%, our Mobile OT light MML-011 minimizes heat emission

Technical Specifications

Dome Head

240 mm

Intensity at 1m

40,000 lux ±5% approx

Colour Temperature

3,200 + 4000 K ± 5%

LED Average life

40,000 hours ±5%

Height Adjustment

450 mm to 500 mm

Light focus dia

8 to 10 cm ± 5%

Possible movements

Angular, Radial & Axial

Increase in field Temp

2deg C ± 5%

Input Supply Voltage

220 VAC + 10% 50 Hz ± 2%