Mobile OT Light MSL-31 / MSL-031 with Battery

Mobile OT Light MSL-31 / MSL-031 with Battery

MObile OT light MSl-31 is a cutting-edge single dome LED shadowless operating light, providing efficient illumination and excellent pointing capability.


Our Focus Lamp Mobile OT Light features an LED source, similar to natural daylight, and more.

Shadowless Illumination

The single dome LED design eliminates shadows, providing consistent and uniform lighting

Longevity and Reliability

With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this light offers exceptional durability and reliability

Safety and Efficiency

Powered by a low-voltage electrical supply, this lamp prioritizes safety while offering optimal illumination

High Illumination

The dome delivers 100,000 LUX, ensuring efficient and bright illumination

Technical Specifications

Model number :

MSL-31 / MSL-031 With Battery

Power supply :

24vdc SMSPS

No. of lights :

44 LEDs

Lifecycle :


Bettery :

Bettery Optional attachment

Dome head :

500 to 525mm

Height adjustment :


Rigid pillar :

60 to 70mm