Pedo Dental Chair Cushion

Pedo Dental Chair Cushion

Ensure the comfort and safety of young patients during dental procedures with our pedo dental chair cushion. It is made from durable soft cotton cloth and adorned with vibrant cartoon prints for kids.


Pedo Dental Chair Cushion transforms pediatric dental visits into enjoyable experiences, ensuring comfort and relaxation for children.

Soft and Comfortable

Made from soft cotton cloth and sponge for maximum comfort and calming effect during treatments.

Attractive Cartoon Design

Adorned with colorful cartoon prints for a fun and comforting atmosphere during dental procedures.

Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with all types of dental chairs, ensuring universal applicability in pediatric dental clinics.

Enhanced Protection

This soft cushion is designed to offer superior protection and comfort to children during dental treatments.

Technical Specifications

Material of chair cushion

soft cotton cloth + sponge with comfort


Attractive design with cartoon printed