Twin Dome OT Light

Twin Dome OT Light

Brighten your surgical space with Confidental’s Twin dome of light (Standard Lux) – CTL-023. Designed for precision and clarity, this OT light ensures optimal illumination during medical procedures, creating an ideal environment for surgical excellence.


Illuminate your surgeries with Twin dome of light—efficiency and precision at your fingertips.

LED Technology

LED light, cold white, lightweight with high efficiency and flexibility

Exceptional Longevity

Over 100 Times the Lifespan of Normal Bulbs

Performance Advantages

Conventional halogen lighting, Ceiling Mounted LED light domes with swiveling handles

Multi-Axial System

Domes can be swept and rotated for flexible focusing on the operating table

Technical Specifications

Mains input voltage

220V AC ± 5% 50Hz

Color temperature in Kelvin

4250 ±5%

Color rendering


Temperature increase on the operator’s head


LED Avg Life

40,000 Hours

Technical Dimensions Dome Light
Diameter of Dome :

590mm (HL-44), 590mm (SL-44)

Action Radius :

1650mm (HL-44), 1800mm (SL-44)

Height Adjustment :

1000mm (HL-44), 1000mm (SL-44) No of LED’s 44 No’s

Light Intensity at 1 Mtr :

1,80,000 Lux ±10% (HL-44), 1,20,000 Lux ±10% (SL-44)

Variable Light Intensity :

High/ Low by Inc/ Dec Switch

Temperature Increase in Light field (W.R.T Ambient Temp) :

3°C to 4°C