Ultraviolet Cabinet

Ultraviolet Cabinet

Ultraviolet Cabinets utilize the power of ultraviolet light to ensure thorough sterilization of surgical instruments. As a leading quality dental cabinetry manufacturer, we offer these cabinets with a commitment to durability, affordability, and ergonomic design. These cabinets feature properly stacked trays that guarantee correct exposure to UV light from the tube, resulting in super clean instruments.


Experience unmatched sterilization efficiency with ultraviolet cabinets, meticulously crafted by the best dental cabinetry for clinics. For those seeking the best dental cabinets or affordable dental cabinets online with the highest standards of quality, our ultraviolet cabinets exceed expectations in every aspect.

Ample Storage

Our ergonomic dental office cabinets feature 9 small trays and 3 deep trays, providing ample space for surgical instruments.

Magnetic Door Latch

It ensures secure closure of the cabinet during operation, guaranteeing safety for dental sterilization equipment.

Seamless Operation

Door actuated switch activates UV light upon closing, facilitating seamless sterilization solutions for dentistry.


Our Ultraviolet cabinets ensure long-lasting performance, making them the epitome of durable dental storage cabinets.

Technical Specifications

Body - Overall Size

590 x 296 x 200mm

Small Trays


Deep Trays