Chamundi Plus Dental Chair

Chamundi Plus Dental Chair

Designed for precision and convenience, the Chamundi Plus dental chair boasts programmable settings, thick cushioning, and innovative features like special shape water component, and assistant console on multi joint arm for easy accessibility.


Confident Chamundi Plus Dental Chair features advanced programmable functions and ergonomic design for optimal patient care.

“Chair Rexine colors are shown for representation purposes only. Actual colors may vary, and availability of colors is subject to change.”

Maia LED

Maia LED (OEM, Faro, Italy) Operating light having multi surface reflector having 35000lux.

Monitor mounting arm

Head Rest having lateral movement, rising and lowering, rotation on central axis with pneumatic rigid lock. Hand rest , Euro moulded rigid, Dropping down for easy access of patient which is most latest.

Spittoon Component

Spittoon move automatically over the body, synchronised with gorgle, and goes back to home position when the chair goes to working position. Also can be moved manually. Oval shaped bowl to cover more area for easy spitting, detachable spittoon, autoclavable.

Ergonomic Design

Our advanced dental chair is equipped with a thickly cushioned seat, backrest, and headrest covered with premium rexine.

Available colors

Red -018
Grey - 006
Sea Blue - 015
Marron - 004
Navy Blue - 005
Dark Orange -013
Parrot Green -009
Sea Green -010
Yellow -012
Sky blue-015
Half white-001
Black - 007

Technical Specifications

Overhanging delivery system
  • Airotor points – 2 Nos
  • 6-way syringe with light – 1 No
  • 3 way syringe – 1 No
  • Supreme optic scaler with 5 Scaling Tip
  • Cordless light cure unit – 1 No
  • Programmable chair position option – 6
  • 3.5″ TFT based display with 480/320 resolution
  • Multifunction foot control
  • Wetline suction continuous rating 300Ltr/ Min
  • Assistant console on multi joint arm for easy accessibility
  • Handpiece flushing with disinfectant solution
  • All the handpiece can be flushed together
Modular Trolley System

Heavy duty trolley arm system with multi joint for smooth adjustment with pneumatic lock.
Over hanging delivery system.
Most latest perfect locking by pull, stable, unlocking by pulling and leave the arm.
Locking pin diecast Aluminum for life long service.
All Valves for air and water are solenoid, Electrically operated 24 VDC valve for life long service.
Keys are provided for each operation and corresponding indications are shown on the display.
Brushless Optic Micromotor NSK / W&H fiber optic with internal spray supplied with 1:5 speed increase
handpiece with optic light and internal spray push button type.