Dental Airotor Air Compressor 1.5HP with DURR

Dental Airotor Air Compressor 1.5HP with DURR

Experience high-performance, medical-grade air compression with our Monobloc Oil-free Dental Airotor Air Compressor 1.5HP with DURR, Germany, featuring essential components for superior air quality.


With DURR, our dental air compressor offers unmatched reliability and air quality for dental procedures.

Radiator Cooler

It helps in efficient heat dissipation for prolonged lifespan.


Confident dental air compressor enhances compressor efficiency.

Silicon Column Filter

1.5 HP dental air compressor removes moisture for clean air output.

Dust and Microbial Filters

Our oil-free dental air compressor ensures air purity for equipment and patient safety.

Technical Specifications

Tank Capacity

45 litres

O/P Pressure

125 psi at 8 Bar

Continuous Air Supply

Restart at 75 psi pressure and stops at 110 psi

Tank Coating Benefits and Dust Control
  • Powder-coated MS tanks offer good surface finish and rust prevention.
  • To prevent dust flow to the dental unit compressor, have an air intake filter that collects dust during suction from atmosphere. It also comes with the radiator delivering minimal noise and moisture to the tank.