NSK Icare Handpiece Maintenance Unit

NSK Icare Handpiece Maintenance Unit

The NSK Icare Handpiece Maintenance Unit redefines maintenance system with its compact design and comprehensive functionality. It simplifies lubrication and chuck cleaning, while customizable purge modes cater to various maintenance needs.


Enhance the ambiance and functionality of your dental workspace by incorporating this meticulously crafted, compact, and harmoniously designed addition.

Preset Solution

It is based on handpiece type ensures accurate lubrication without manual adjustments.

Chuck cleaning

Ensures cleaning thoroughly cleans and lubricates the chuck, removing dirt and cutting powder.

Purging select mode

Offers customizable purge lengths after lubrication, ensuring complete removal of excess oil.

Integrated large oil tank

Capacity of the 1.2liter tank reduces refills; enclosed nozzle enables clean, easy topping up.

Technical Specifications

Power supply

AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Air pressure

0.5-0.6 MPa (5.0-6.0 kgf/cm2)


6.5 kg (C2 type / C3 type)


W 280 x D 240 x H 350 mm

Solution tank capacity

1.2 L