Dental Double Working Phantom Table

Dental Double Working Phantom Table

Crafted with durable stainless steel, our Dental Double Working Phantom Table features two student working places and an LED operating light with a multi-surface glass reflector for optimal illumination.


Experience efficiency with our double working phantom table equipped with essential components for precise control and functionality.

Modular Design

Includes an Airotor control box, NAC-E contrangle handpiece, three-way syringe, and supreme micromotor.

Dynamic Movement

Dental phantom head with pneumatic piston allows for tilting, rotation, and neck movement, with provision for TMJ fixation.

High-Quality Face Mask

Our phantom head with an excellent quality face mask ensures a closed oral cavity with efficient water drainage.

Comfortable Seating

Five-wheel surgical stool with pneumatic piston offers height adjustment and backrest for comfortable seating.

Technical Specifications

Modular Fittings
  • Airotor Control Box fitted with Transparent Water Tank, Tubing with Nut
  • Fittings for Airotor with Tubing and Foot Control
Supreme Micromotor with digital display

1 No

NAC-E Contrangle handpiece (NSK, Japan)

1 No

Three Way Syringe

1 No