Sterilizer C-17 PLUS C-22 PLUS C-28 PLUS

Sterilizer C-17 PLUS C-22 PLUS C-28 PLUS

Experience the future of sterilization with the PLUS C-17 C-22 C-28 series, offering advanced connectivity and digital management for streamlined sterilization processes.


PLUS C-17 C-22 C-28 revolutionizes sterilization with its integration of advanced connectivity, water revolution technology, and intuitive operation, enhancing efficiency and cost savings.

Digital Virtual Assistant (D.I.V.A)

Cloud-based system providing video tutorials, cycle records, machine status checks, usage statistics, and sterilization test monitoring.

Remote Support

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for technical assistance, minimizing intervention times and maximizing machine efficiency.

Traceability Software

MyTrace enables linking sterilized instruments to patients via barcode integration, ensuring legal compliance and comprehensive documentation.

Printer and USB

Optional external printer compatibility and USB storage for automatic cycle report retrieval within the sterilizer's memory.