Clean Cut Quatro Dental Diode Soft Tissue Laser (Four Wavelength)

Clean Cut Quatro Dental Diode Soft Tissue Laser (Four Wavelength)

Experience the future of dentistry with the Four Wavelength Dental Laser, a technological marvel that integrates 450nm, 635nm, 810nm, and 980nm in one machine. The Firelas Blue dental laser stands out with its cutting-edge technology and multifunctionality, making it a preferred choice for dentists. This smart dental laser provides advanced solutions for various dental treatments, including periodontics, biostimulation, surgery, whitening, and endodontics.


Own a single machine integrating high power and low-level lasers for versatile and effective dental treatments. Elevate your dental practice with the following key features:

Four Wavelengths in One

450nm, 635nm, 810nm, and 980nm wavelengths in a single machine, combining blue light and near-infrared, high power, and low level for comprehensive dental applications.

Android Operating System

The Android OS ensures an extremely easy and user-friendly operation, allowing dentists to update the software through WIFI for continuous improvement.

Pre-set Protocols Database

Benefit from a pre-set protocols database designed for dentists, offering convenience and efficiency in various dental procedures.

Advanced Surgical Capabilities

The 450nm blue laser excels in coagulation, vaporization, and bloodless surgery, ensuring improved cutting performance for surgical applications and hemostasis.

Technical Specifications


Clean Cut Quatro (Android OS)



Maximum Power


Operation Mode

CW. Repeat Pulse

Pulse Duration


Repetition Rate


Control Mode

True Color Touch Screen



Voltage/Current Rating

110/220 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz