Glass bead Sterilizer

Glass bead Sterilizer

Our Glass Bead Sterilizer is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the sterilization process in dental practices. With its innovative fast-track temperature accumulation, it is highly effective for small instruments and harder dental materials.


Streamline your sterilization process with our Glass Bead Sterilizer, offering precision and ease of use.

High-Temperature Capability

Our glass bead sterilizer has an option to reach high temperatures, ensuring thorough sterilization of instruments and dental materials.

Enhanced Infection Control

Reduces the risk of infection spread, contributing to a safer and more hygienic dental environment for all.

Precision Indicators

Functioning and temperature indicators offer precise monitoring, ensuring optimal sterilization conditions with ease.

Efficient and Time-Saving

our Glass Bead Sterilizer delivers unmatched efficiency and saves time for maximum productivity.

Technical Specifications

Input volts

2220 V




175 gms of beads

Heating range

180° to 240°