ICU Bed without load cell

ICU Bed without load cell

Our ICU Bed without Load Cell (ICU4-043) is meticulously designed to prioritize patient comfort and caregiver convenience.


Crafted with an ergonomic and elegant design, our ICU bed offers exceptional durability and ease of use, ensuring optimal care in critical healthcare settings.

Enhanced Comfort

Soft U Foam bed with optional 4 inch thick covered with Vinyl cover, adjusting to body contour for free air circulation to prevent bed sore.

Effortless Maintenance

Detachable head and footboards made of durable blowplast PE material ensure effortless cleaning with any disinfecting solution.

Flexible Positioning

Electrically operated movements, such as table height adjustment, backrest, knee rest, and Trendelenburg positions.

Bed Mobility Enhancement

Equipped with 5-inch wheels featuring central locking and directional locking systems.

Technical Specifications

Length (Bed top flatbed)

1950 mm

Width (Bed top)

895 mm

Raising & Lowering

450-750 mm


0 – 65°

Trendelenburg / Rev. Trendelenburg

15° / 15°

Knee Rest

0 -50°