L Shape Dental Cabinet

L Shape Dental Cabinet

Upgrade your dental clinic with the versatile L shape dental cabinet from dental smart cabinets. It is the best dental customised cabinets for small spaces, focusing on the flexible system that makes every space unique, with compositions and combinations of elements, colors, and materials.


Our ergonomic dental office cabinets offer a flexible system that adapts to different environments and styles, providing exceptional functionality and enduring quality.

Movable Centre Cabinet

Equipped with 4 wheels with MDF construction, vinyl finish, glass top, showcasing innovative dental cabinet designs.

6-Drawer Standard Cabinet

Our durable dental storage cabinets have 6 drawers made up of mild Steel sheet, and high quality powder coated

Convenient Railer and Handles

Features metallic railer with telescopic, self-locking handles for effortless pushing and pulling.

Versatile Inserts

6 inserts made of ABS material, offering various shapes and sizes to organize different instruments and materials.

Technical Specifications

Approximate size

height 30″ width 18″ & Depth 18″

small Drawers

4 Nos.

Medium Drawers

1 No

Big Drawer

1 No

Drawer combination available

1 Large + 1 medium + 4 small
1 Large + 2 medium + 2 small
1 Large + 3 medium