Steeman Arm Pendant - SAP-074

Steeman Arm Pendant - SAP-074

Steeman Arm Pendant – SAP-074 is a versatile medical solution designed to enhance operational efficiency in healthcare settings.


Equipped with ICU capabilities, this medical pendant aids doctors in performing procedures with precision and ease.

Enhanced Functionality

Equipped with gas source terminals of different colors and shapes for easy identification and anti-wrong function.

Durable Construction

Medical-grade gas pipeline with strong toughness and resistance to bending, ensuring long-term reliability.

Safety Assurance

High-quality brand electrical and gas terminals installed within the same box, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Customizable Configuration

Gas terminals, instrument platforms, power outlets, and network interfaces can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Technical Specifications

Arm :


Arm Length :


Vertical Pillar Arm Length :

1000mm (Optional)

Arm Rotating Angle :


Maximum Load capacity :

100 Kgs

Electrical Power :

~220V, 50Hz

Electrical Sockets 3 pin 15 A :

4 No