Surgical Cart - Castellini

Surgical Cart - Castellini

The Stand-Alone Surgical Cart has been added to the Castellini range for an unparalleled dental precision and flexibility. This innovative solution empowers dentists to perform implantology and endodontics at the highest level, without the need for a dedicated chair. With plug & play functionality and seamless integration, this surgical cart transforms your dental practice into a specialist treatment center.


The surgical cart offers versatility, allowing dentists to perform complex procedures with ease. With its integrated instruments and advanced technology, including a powerful induction micromotor and peristaltic pump, this cart ensures seamless performance during implant surgeries.

Touch Screen Control Panel

There are 2 full touch control panels: Clinic and Multimedia, each with a 7” capacitive multitouch screen for personalized programs, instruments, and displayed data.

Plug & Play Connector

The plug & play connector allows easy room-to-room transfers and ensures secure connections, with the socket protected by a flap against dust and other risks.

Fixed Box

Standard version includes a connection box with extensions ranging from 3 to 6 meters, offering flexibility in each room for specialist clinical treatment.

Wireless Foot Control

Easy equipment movement, saves space, and minimizes manual panel contact, offering key functions for instrument and peristaltic pump control.

Technical Specifications

Dentist's Module
  • Clinic 7” Full Touch display
  • LED Implantor micromotor with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm, 5.3 Ncm)
  • 6-way syringe
  • Multi-function foot control