Spine Board

Our Spine Board CBS-113 is a robust and waterproof solution designed for efficient immobilization and transportation of patients in emergency situations.


Engineered with high-strength plastic material, our spine board ensures optimal stability and safety during transfer.

Quick Head Immobilization

Equipped with four rules for swift and secure fixation of the head immobilizer, enhancing patient safety during transportation.

Secure Attachment

Features 2 cavities for accommodation in ambulances or traditional usage, preventing damages to rip-off straps during movement.

Rapid Belt System

Supplied with 3 belts equipped with rapid unhooking buckles, facilitating quick and secure patient immobilization.

Radio transparency

Offers maximum radio transparency, allowing medical professionals to conduct examinations without compromising patient condition.

Technical Specifications




180 to 185 cms


40-50 cm


<6 kg

Load capacity

145 kg (Min.)